“My work is all about helping people make clean, health-conscious food choices for themselves and for their families” . Tal Koppel Ironi is a holistic health coach, mentor, and a clean-eating recipe developer. Tal is also the creator of the CDEF Method, which stands for Clean, Delicious, Easy and Fast. Her workshop series, Clean Eating by Tal, was inspired by her private practice in New York City. Tal is passionate about making healthy food accessible and works to arm every single person with knowledge and awareness.

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Making food from food

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Healthy Food can taste good 
as well.

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Seven or less ingredients.
No prior cooking experience needed.

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Every recipe takes between 5-7 minutes to prepare.


"I thought cooking healthy will make my life more complicated, Tal's CDEF method is so easy to follow, it really changed the way we eat at home."

Dana E, New York

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