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“My work is all about helping people make clean, health-conscious food choices for themselves and for their families” . Tal Koppel Ironi is a holistic health coach, mentor, and a clean-eating recipe developer. Tal is also the creator of the CDEF Method, which stands for Clean, Delicious, Easy and Fast. Her workshop series, Clean Eating by Tal, was inspired by her private practice in New York City. Tal is passionate about making healthy food accessible and works to are every single person with knowledge and awareness.

T A L ' S   M I S S I O N


My work is all about understanding the connection between what we eat and how we feel, look, and show up in the world. It’s no doubt that the world of nutrition is overwhelming and complex. My method makes clean food simple, teaching people how to shop and cook clean for themselves and their families.



M Y   S T O R Y


I started Clean Eating by Tal in 2015 shortly after having my second baby Emilia. In fact, in retrospect,  Clean Eating by Tal was born along with her in some ways. I have always believed in the mysterious power of food to exhaust or heal us but I didn’t truly understand it until I healed myself from postpartum depression with clean food.

In the beginning, I was prescribed medications to help me get through the days, but I knew all along that this was just a bandaid. I never really stopped  searching for clues and information as to what was really wrong with me and I was eager to find the real source of my imbalance.

While I was on the medication, I wasn’t depressed anymore, but I wasn’t happy either, I felt numb. The doctor suggested we try new medications, a process of trial and error until we find the appropriate one. This was the turning point for me.

After days of research, I came across a sentence by a holistic psychiatrist that changed my life. She wrote about the strong link between vitamin B deficiency and depression, saying that a good vitamin B complex could be, for some patients, the last antidepressant they ever need. With an already clean diet, I began taking high doses of whole, pure vitamin B and D. In two weeks’ time, I felt like my old self again. It was absolutely miraculous to see how quickly my vitality and joy had returned.

Only throughout the process of true self healing did I realize the strong impact that food has on our overall health, joy and wellbeing. A short while into the process I found a strong passion for making clean delicious food for basically everyone who was willing to eat it. A passion that, with time turned into my growing practice today, so I decided to become a certified health coach at Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

After graduating from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2015 Clean Eating by Tal was born. I am all about making clean eating simple, accessible, and doable with knowledge,  simple tools, delicious recipes and friendly kitchen gadgets everyone can use!

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