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My Pantry Makeover Workshop

Transform the way you feed your family and reclaim your health in the process. Clean Eating by Tal is a workshop that demystifies nutrition and hands you the tools you need to make the best choices for your lifestyle. Tal Koppel Ironi is a holistic health coach and clean-eating recipe guru. Her workshop series, Clean Eating by Tal, was inspired by her private practice in New York City. Tal is passionate about making healthy food accessible and works to arm every single person with knowledge and awareness.

A small-group workshop

Let me come to you! Kick off your clean-eating journey with a group of friends at your own home. Learn how to shop clean, navigate tricky dietary restrictions and select the best snacks and Clean Eating pantry essentials for your family. Then get hands-on in the kitchen, cooking delicious, sexy food. Each private workshop is two sessions, each running two and a half hours. Contact me for more information.

A private pantry makeover with Tal

My pantry makeovers are custom and entirely based upon your needs, budget and schedule. Each involves a consultation and overview of your family’s eating habits and health goals; a pantry clean out and supermarket visits; and hands-on cooking sessions, where we’ll practice Clean Eating recipes and techniques. I’ll guide you through every stage, helping you to transition to a Clean Eating lifestyle at your pace. Contact me and together, we’ll create an offering tailored just for you.

One on One

You want to start eating cleaner. You know you need to treat your body better, but you’re not sure where to start. You’re overwhelmed with information, advice, and diets; confused and unsure of what what’s working for you — and what needs to change. Let me help you clear the clutter at your pace. Learn how to easily choose cleaner food and feed your body what it needs for a red-carpet glow. No more chronic fatigue, brain fog, and unnecessary weight gain. My work is based on the concept of bio-individuality. Our blood types and body compositions vary, and one person’s food may very well be another’s person’s poison. During our session, we will not only introduce new foods but will also focus on “nutritionizing” your family’s favorites recipes and traditional dishes.

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